Teal Green partners Everoze at launch event in London

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The launch event was attended by 80 industry professionals and met Everoze's objectives

The launch event was hugely successful and met Everoze’s objectives

Teal Green was contracted to support the UK’s newest renewable energy consultancy, Everoze, to deliver a tailored, well-messaged but relaxed launch event at Jamie’s Bar and Restaurant in London, September 2015. Working closely with the Everoze Communications Manager, Karen helped shaped the all-important messaging around the event and delivered key marketing material. The event was hugely successful, despite taking place at a time of critical change within the renewable energy industry.

Attended by around 80 industry professionals, including a good number of industry leaders, it delivered the desired outcome for the Everoze partners.


“Karen has provided us with excellent communications support during our start-up phase. She has delivered invaluable advice in planning our launch, helped us to create a compelling narrative and handled the PR side of things magnificently. Great attention to detail and sector-knowledge.” Joe Phillips, Founding Partner at Everoze Partners Limited


Launch event

Teal Green banner and card holder on display at Everoze launch





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